Convert Music Files with MediaHuman Audio Converter

Even though MP3 audio file format stays most popular even after all these years, more and more people are looking for other audio file formats that offer much better quality such as OGG or FLAC. If you also have a collection of audio files then you can convert them to any of the desired audio file formats using a free tool called MediaHuman Audio Converter.

MediaHuman Audio Converter is a free audio file format conversion application for Windows. It supports a large number of audio file formats. Using this one application, we can convert almost any multimedia file to any format – FLAC, OGG, AIFF, WMA, MP3, AAC or WAV. Depending on the audio file format used, the compression settings and the quality level, it can produce very high quality audio files.

MediaHuman Audio Converter

The application has to be installed on your Windows PC before you can use it. It comes with a small but very neatly designed user interface. It comes packed with all the codecs necessary for the conversion of the audio files of different types. The codecs are picked careful in such a way as to produce very high quality audio files. In addition, it also supports interacting the iTunes music library. We can choose to add the converted audio files directly to your iTunes music library.

We can add individual music files or entire folders containing the files to MediaHuman Audio Converter. We can then choose the output folder and the output file format from its settings. In these settings we can also choose the sound quality and compression levels. The conversion starts when we click on the small  “Convert” button in the application’s toolbar.

MediaHuman Audio Converter

All things considered, MediaHuman Audio Converter is a really easy to use and efficient music file converter. It can produce high quality audio files that can be played on all the devices.

You can download MediaHuman Audio Converter from