Create Eye Catching Collages with Collagerator

These days smartphones are coming with very high-quality cameras having many features and capable of producing high-resolution pictures. This is why everyone carries a selfie-stick with them now-a-days and keeps snapping more and more pictures. With so many pictures on your smartphone, it becomes very hard to decide which of these pictures we should get printed on photo paper.

When there are many pictures that you want to be printed and you cannot decide which one to pick, you can choose to create a collage of all the pictures instead. Besides a collage looks good on events like a birthday party or wedding anniversary showing the happy pictures from all the years.

We can use any collage making software such as Collagerator to create impressive collages from your photos. It is completely free software for creating eye-catching collages from your photos of varying sizes. This software features  a modern user interface, ease of use and the speed of rendering effective collages from graphic files.


After launching the application, we have to choose to create a new collage. Only after this step, the user interface of creating a new collage opens up. In the next step, we have to select a theme in which we can choose the collage size, collage orientation, how many pictures to fit inside a collage, etc.


It will then create a collage from your selected pictures. If you picked a theme that has less number of image files then the total number of image files that you selected, then it will randomly pick the pictures from the list of selected pictures automatically.


Collagerator is very good at what it does. It is perfect for creating collages for birthday parties. You can use it to create collages from the life of the birthday person.We can export the collage in many different image file formats.

You can download Collagerator from