How to Enable Password Reset Protection for Twitter

Twitter, the most popular micro-blogging social network, has so many advantages over some others. For example, we can easily contact the media personalities or government officers to file complaints or tell them about problems. Twitter has been successful in establishing almost direct communication between the high officials in a country’s government and the ordinary people. Many online shopping sites offer discount offers and vouchers for their customers over Twitter. Many companies handle customer requests and complaints over Twitter and more.

Until recently it was not that difficult to request a reset link for your Twitter account. This is why now Twitter has introduced a new feature that makes it harder to reset the password for your Twitter account. This new feature is called “Password reset protection”. After enabling this feature, your Twitter account becomes much more secure as now nobody can reset your password without knowing more details about you.

Here is how you can enable the password reset protection for your Twitter account:

  1. Launch Twitter app on your smartphone, pull down its menu by tapping on your profile picture and select Settings from there.
  2. On the settings screen, select Security and account access.Password Reset Protection for Twitter
  3. Tap on Security on the next screen that appears.
  4. Under Additional password protection, enable Password reset protection. You will have to re-enter your current password before it is finally enabled.Password Reset Protection for Twitter

Once you have enabled password reset protection, it will not be easy for anyone to reset your account password. For resetting the Twitter account password, then you will have to provide your email address, mobile number and other details. This setting is useful to provide your Twitter account an additional layer of security. Now nobody can take over your Twitter account just by giving some very commonly known details like date of birth or the city of residence etc.