How to Run Safety Check on Chrome Browser on Android

Google Chrome is world’s most popular web browser. The reasons of its popularity are many – it is fast, it is lightweight, it supports all the latest web technologies, it is secure and it works on all the platforms whether Windows, Linux, macOS or any of the mobile operating systems.

If you are using Chrome web browser on your desktop PC or on your mobile phone, then you can periodically check for the safety of the browser. During this safety check Chrome will check for the available updates, safe browsing settings and whether your passwords are weak or not.

Here is how you can check for the safety of Chrome web browser on your Android smartphone:

  1. Launch Chrome web browser and then tap on the menu icon (vertical ellipses) to pull down the menu. From the menu select Settings.
  2. On the settings screen, select Safety Check.
  3. Tap on the Check now button to start the safety check process which checks for your saved passwords, safe browsing settings and updates.Chrome Safety Check
  4. After the checking is done, you will be shown more information about the results of the safety check.

The same process can be used to check for the safety and integrity of the Chrome web browser on a desktop computer. It is very useful for ensuring that Chrome browser is safe before shopping online or carrying out online banking financial transactions.

If the results of the safety check are not favorable and there is some problem, then you can fix them easily. For the weak passwords, you have to quickly change the passwords of the respective accounts and use stronger passwords. We can use Norton Password Generator and create very strong passwords that are safe against the brute force attacks.

In case of the updates missing, we can go to the Google Play store and install the updates. Similarly, if there is problem with the safe browsing, we can change them through Chrome settings.