O&O DeskInfo : Display System Info on Windows Desktop

O&O DeskInfo is a portable application for always keeping the current system information displaying on the desktop. It is only 1 MB program that does not require any installation. During the initial launching of this application, it offers the users to make to auto-start with Windows.

When it has been launched, it shows the system information in the top-right corner. The information includes the user name, the machine name, operating system, operating system version, operating system build, operating system installation date, operating system code name, processor, RAM, system type, network adapter, connection type, network physical address, IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, CPU utilized, available RAM and the activities of all the local storage drives. The storage drives status shows the amount of total space, amount of used space and the activity is displayed using the red/green led lights.

O&O DeskInfo

In addition of this information, O&O DeskInfo also installs an icon in the notification area. When we right-click on this icon, we get access to more options and features. Through this menu, we can change the information displayed, position of the information displayed on the screen, we can change the font size, text color or the opacity of the information displayed.

O&O DeskInfo

We can copy the entire information to the clipboard which is useful if you are sending the system information to someone who is trying to troubleshoot your system over email or web forums. It can also warn when we attach unknown USB devices which is useful when your computer is physically accessible to many other people and they can attach harmful USB devices to your PC.

O&O DeskInfo is a free application for all the versions of Windows. It works smoothly and does not claim a large number of resources. We tested it on Windows 10 and Windows 11 and found no problems whatsoever. We recommend it to anyone who is looking for a portable system information app.

You can download O&O DeskInfo from https://www.oo-software.com/en/oodeskinfo.