AutoActions : Auto Turn On the HDR Mode on Windows

On Windows 10  and later Windows 11, Microsoft has added a new feature for changing the HDR (high dynamic range) whenever an application demands it. HDR mode makes the screen have more brightness and contrast. It displays the content with more brightness, detail and vibrancy.

If you want to automatically enable the HDR mode for an application or game whenever it is launched then you can use an app called AutoActions. It allows you to create special profiles to help you perform specific actions on your computer based on certain conditions. Basically, you can add an application/game and then define what to do when it is launched – such as changing display settings, select a default audio device or enable HDR on Windows.

We start by creating profiles and under each of these profiles we can add many applications. For each of the applications we can define various actions to take when that application is running. For example, AutoActions will allow you to switch HDR on/off, change the display resolution, the refresh rate and color depth, as well as perform various operations defined by various scripts.


Once an application has been added, AutoActions will start monitoring the system for that application. As soon as the process belonging to an application or game is detected, it kills the process, enables the HDR and relaunched that process once again. This way, that application is launched with HDR turned on. Similarly, when it detects that an application configured in AutoActions is no longer running on your PC, it is going to turn off HDR automatically for all applications.

AutoActions is a helpful application for gamers and graphics designers. With its help, we can see the graphics in HDR mode without having to go through a dozen different things in Windows Settings.

You can download AutoActions from