Rain Alarm App Gives Real-time Warning of Rain

Has it ever happened to you that only a few minutes after you stepped out of your house, the sky became dark with clouds and it started to rain cats and dogs. Obviously, you were not prepared because it looked like a bright sunny day only a few minutes ago.

If you do not want to get caught up in the downpour by surprise, then you can use the Rain Alarm app for Android or iPhone. This app uses the near-real-time data of the clouds in your area to predict the rain and gives you warning of ahead of the time.

Rain Alarm app uses the location from the GPS data of your mobile phone to pin-point your location. This way it can keep telling you about any rain that might come down no matter where you go. As you drive from one place to another, it also keeps updating the information based on your changed location.

Rain Alarm app for Android

The user interface of the Rain Alarm app shows a map of your location along with all the cloud related information in a graphical manner. It is just like the weather report that is shown on a News TV. The clouds are shown in the standard color code – the blue clouds are light and red-grey clouds are heavy. The heavier the clouds are, the more are the chances of a downpour.

In the settings of the Rain Alarm app, we can change the background app type, color scheme, change the location manually or make it automatically use the GPS location. We can set alarms to be used for the warning of possible rain in particular locations. In the free version of the app, we can use only one location at a time but in the paid version, we can use multiple locations.

You can get the Rain Alarm app from https://app.rain-alarm.com/.