RecForth : Free Screen Recorder Application for Windows

If you are thinking of making a tutorial video about how to do something on your Windows PC, how to fix something, how to work on a website and so on, you will need a screen recording application first. This screen recorder should be lightweight and unobtrusive so that you can record the screen without having to go through much trouble. The application should also be able to save the video in one of the popular video formats such as MP4 or MKV.

RecForth is a free screen recording tool for Windows 10 and Windows 11 that satisfies all these requirements. It has a minimal user interface and offers to save the recorded videos in the MP4 format which can be used to upload on popular video sharing sites like Dailymotion.

RecForth is absolutely free for everyone and has no limitations or nags. Even though we cannot record videos using RecForth as long as possible, there is a reasonable time limitation. It does not put any logo or watermark in the final saved videos either. This makes it ideal for beginners who want to create tutorials for Youtube. We can use it for recording the screen, preparing demonstrations, recording game play and websites.


As we launch it, it appears in a small window that has all the recording options. We can choose to record the entire screen or only a small rectangular region. We can also choose to include the webcam input, system audio, microphone input, or the mouse cursor etc. We can also choose the recording quality before starting to record.

As we finish the recording of a video, it shows in a list from where we can play it back. From here we can also edit the video, add effects and trim the video if needed. It is a great screen recorder using which we can record Skype calls, game plays, or any other activity on your screen.

You can download RecForth from