Quick CPU : Monitor CPU Performance on Windows

So you bought the latest motherboard along with the latest CPU for your gaming PC? But how do you know if the new motherboard and processor combo is performing well? How will you monitor the CPU performance in real-time? A free software called Quick CPU makes it very easy to monitor the CPU performance on Windows PC.

Quick CPU is a powerful tool for monitoring and modifying important parameters of the processor installed in our computer. The modification is not possible for all the processors but it works well with the latest models. Using this applications we can monitor not only the real-time performance but also learn the capabilities of the processor.

Quick CPU displays in great detail and accuracy all the most important technical parameters of our processor. We will obtain all the information about the current operating temperature, CPU performance, power, voltage, core parking, frequency scaling, system memory, turbo boost, c-states, speed shift FIVR controls and energy consumption.

Quick CPU

Quick CPU allows you to modify the settings of the processor, thus we will increase the performance of our computer. However, the modification is possible only for certain CPU and GPU models only. It is similar to using a overclocking utility which works only for certain models of the processors.

When you want to modify the CPU settings to make it work faster, you should take into account the risk of wrong modification of the processor settings. The changes should be made only by an experienced user who has in-depth knowledge of how the CPU works. If any wrong settings were made, it can make your computer unstable and in a not impossible scenario could also make the CPU itself unstable.

Quick CPU is an advanced tool for monitoring and modifying your processors. It shows a lot of technical data about your CPU and how it is performing. It supports working with processors having many cores.

You can download Quick CPU from https://coderbag.com/product/quickcpu.