Recover Lost Data Using iTop Data Recovery

Losing important data can be a nightmare for anyone who is not in the habit of keeping backups. But we can recover the lost files easily using a data  recovery tool such as iTop Data Recovery. While there are tons of data recovery tools available on the Internet, iTop Data Recovery stands out from the crowd because of its unique algorithm.

iTop Data Recovery is an advanced yet easy to use data recover tool that recovers data from HDD, SSD, memory cards or USB memory devices. It is able to  recover and restore data from over 1,000 different file formats – including movies, photos, audio and documents. It offers a lightning fast data scanning and recovery process thanks to iTop’s unique recovery algorithm. We don’t have to wait very long just for the scanning to complete like in other data recovery software. In just a few minutes, we can recover deleted files from the memory storage devices.

iTop Data Recovery

iTop Data Recovery provides a clean user interface. After launching it from its desktop shortcut, we have to select which of the drives are to be scanned, which file types are to be looked for and whether to perform a deep scan. Then we can click on the big “Scan” button to start the scanning.

Irrespective of how the data loss occurred and what led you to this point – it will simply find the possible remaining data on your memory storage device. After the scan has completed, you can go through the list of found files, select the files that you wish to recover and then click on the big “Recover” button.

iTop Data Recovery

All things considered it can be said that iTop Data Recovery is a very easy to use data recovery software for both the beginners and the seasoned Windows users. It provides very advanced algorithms and features while at the same time offering an easy user interface.

You can download iTop Data Recovery from