Epic Games Store Giveaway : Ancient Enemy

Like every other week, Epic Games store is giving away games for free this week too. This week we have a unique game for the giveaway – Ancient Enemy. It is a strategy card game which might not appeal to those gamers who are looking for action packed FPS.

Setting for this game is very interesting – you are part of the defense for your home planet. A large number of aggressive enemies keep appearing from distant planets to challenge you. They are coming from planets and worlds that they have already conquered so their confidence is all time high. You have to fight the enemy using your patiently thought out strategies. While defending your world against this horde of enemies, you also have to rebuild yourself and make your armies stronger.

This card game will remind you of solitaire at the basic level because both card games are strategy and turn based games. In Ancient Enemy, you have to  make yourself stronger by defeating a range of enemies. You can choose which enemy to defeat first. One easy strategy to go forwards in this game is by taking on a smaller and weaker enemy. This way you can become victorious easily and leave the powerful foes for the last moment when you also have gained a lot of power.

Ancient Enemy

Being a card game, Ancient Enemy does not have requirements of a high end gaming computer. It can be run on any Windows PC (running Windows 7 and above) with a 1 GHz processor and 4 GB of RAM. However, it still needs a decent graphics card with support for DirectX.

You can claim your free copy of Ancient Enemy by visiting Epic Games store website at https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/ancient-enemy. For downloading and installing this game on your Windows PC, you will have to install Epic Games Launcher first and only through the launcher, we can install the game.