AnyCase : Fast In-Place Text Case Converter for Windows

A lengthy report usually requires quotes and references from many difference sources which means that you are going to have to copy-paste a lot of text into your report. But when copy-pasting into an editor like Microsoft Word, the format of the text also gets copied and we do not always want the original text-case. Of course, we can edit the text case manually but this becomes increasingly difficult when we are copy pasting a large amount of text very often.

AnyCase In-place text case converter presents you with a solution. It can change the text case of the pasted or typed text right inside the text editor application. What “in-place” means that you do not have to leave the application or switch back and forth between many programs. The text case gets changed while you are using your editor application. This way you can keep typing and working on your reports seamlessly.

During the installation of AnyCase, we are offered to run AnyCase automatically with Windows startup. Running it continuously in the background is required for it work. When it is running in the background, only then the hotkey will work which is used for text case conversions. When typing something if you want to change the case of some text, then you have to first select that text, press Shift key, right-click on the selected text and choose one of the options for text case conversions.


Alternatively, we can also use the various hotkeys for specific text case conversions. For example, Win+Alt+L changes the text to lowercase, Win+Alt+U changes to uppercase, Win+Alt+T changes to title case and so on.

Third way to convert the text case is through the main AnyCase app. In the main window, you will find all the possible text case conversion options. We can simple click on the desired option and it will do the rest.

AnyCase supports a large number of applications and covers almost all of the popular software in which is works. For example, it works with Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, and Google Docs. It supports all the popular web browsers, social networking sites, email clients, webmail services and more.

You can download AnyCase from