Taskade : Create and Manage Comprehensive To-Do Lists

Whether it is your workplace or your home, you can better manage you work if you breakdown all the projects into smaller tasks. This why it is important to have a task list or to-do list. A to-do list is a list comprising of all the tasks that you have yet to finish. As you complete these tasks, you keep crossing them out. All the tasks can be assigned a deadline before which you must complete them.

Taskade is an advanced application that offers you the ability to create and manage to-do lists for both home and work. It is available for all the popular desktop platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux), mobile platforms (Android, iOS) and, web browsers (Firefox, Chrome and Edge) in form of browser extensions.

For using the Taskade application, we need to create an account. Creation of the account is free and all we need is an email address to create the account. The user interface of the Taskade app is very comprehensive and we can start by creating a new project. For each of the projects, we can add various tasks and their deadlines.


If you are using the Taskade web browser extension, then you can add a new task in a project just by clicking on its icon in the web browser toolbar icon. For each of these tasks, we have to select a workplace, project and the block.

Taskade is not just a to-do list management application, it is also an excellent mind mapping tool. We can plan new projects using this feature. We can work alone on planning a project or we can collaborate with our team members. Similarly, we can share our task lists, projects and mind-maps with other people. It is definitely one of the best productivity enhancement tool for both companies and individuals.

You can download Taskade from https://www.taskade.com/.