CPU Unpark : Prevent CPU Cores from Being Parked

All of the computers these days come with a multi-core processor. Each core of a multi-core processor works together with the others to share the system load. But when there is no load, the system is designed to put the unused cores in the parking mode. It is similar to the situation when you put a car in the parking if you are not using it. On a typical Windows system, this is done to save system power and keep the processor cool. But what if you want to use all the cores all the time to have a really very powerful computer.

With the help of a freeware tool called CPU Unpark, we can check the status of all the CPU cores – whether they are parked or unparked (working). This small tool works for all kinds of processor manufactured by Intel and AMD. In addition, it can also manually park or unpark the CPU cores.

For checking the status of your CPU cores, we can launch CPU Unpark and then click on the Check button. It will display the status as parked or unparked for all the CPU cores. Needless to mention, that some of the cores of a CPU will be working but even if one core is parked, this tool shows the status as “Parked”.

CPU Unpark

In a similar way, we can change the system setting to automatically park the unused cores. For this, we have to launch the CPU Unpark application and then click on the Park button. After this a system reboot is required. The process of keeping all the cores unparked is also the same – in this case we have to click on the Unpark button followed by restarting the Windows PC.

We can use the CPU Unpark tool to boost the system performance a little for applications that require more CPU power instantly.

You can download CPU Unpark from https://freetimetech.com/.