4K Tokkit : Download TikTok Videos from Any Account

TikTok is a popular short video sharing or publishing service. Anyone having a TikTok account can make a video and upload it to the TikTok server. Millions of people all over the world are uploading their original videos to TikTok everyday. These videos become popular very fast and this way the creators also get a chance to make big money.

Download TikTok videos for offline watching

But TikTok does not allow anyone to download the videos for offline watching later. In the case you want to backup all the videos uploaded by you, there is no option provided by TikTok. In these situations, we can use a third-party application called 4K Tokkit to download the videos from TikTok. This application can download not only the videos uploaded to your own TikTok account but also the videos from any accounts and hashtags.

Download from any TikTok profile

In the 4K Tokkit user interface, we can search for any user profile or hashtags. When the search results appear, we can click on the menu icon and choose to download all the video to the local hard drive. The loaded TikTok content will be saved in MP4 format and up to 720p resolution. We can also download individual videos.

4K Tokkit

Comes with built-in proxy server

TikTok limits the kind of videos you can watch based on your geographical location. Using the 4K Tokkit application we can change the country from which you are accessing the TikTok videos. It comes with an in-built proxy server configuration which can be changed to any country. This way you can watch TikTok videos going viral in the US or in the Philippines or any other country.


4K Tokkit helps us easily download videos from any TikTok profile in bulk. You can make a backup of your videos using this tool in case your TikTok account has some problem later on.

You can download 4K Tokkit from https://www.4kdownload.com/products/tokkit/1.