Do Next : Reminder and Desktop Note Taker for Windows

As a wise man once said that opportunity strikes only once and if you miss that opportunity, it will not come back for you. You may get more opportunities later but they won’t be the same one that you missed. This is why we should always keep a reminder application so that we do not miss any important dates, interviews, meetings and other events.

Do Next is a reminder and note taking application for Windows that helps us always keep important to-do events in focus. It is actually a quick note taking application for the desktop computer. We can add tasks and to-dos in its windows easily and its window always stays in the foreground unless manually hidden.

Do Next is  a portable application and there is only a single EXE file. This makes it very easy to run on any Windows PC without having to install anything. The only problem we found with the “portability” is that the task list is saved in an XML file in the user profile folder. For full portability, it should be kept in the same folder as the EXE itself.

Do Next

Unlike some other note taking applications, Do Next does not require any accounts. This certainly makes it very easy to use. However it also makes unable to be synced with other computers or devices. Also we cannot have any cloud storage benefits. We can always open the folder where the XML is saved by right-clicking on the Do Next folder and choosing Open File Folder. From the folder that opens, we can copy the file DoNext.xml to anywhere we please.

The Do Next window stays in the notification area of the Windows desktop. We can always click on its icon in the system tray to make it appear again. We can hide it easily by pressing the Esc key on the keyboard. With all the tasks for today, tomorrow and more, we can never forget what tasks we have to finish.

You can download Do Next from