GoPC Backup : Create Virtual Machine Backups Easily

GoPC Backup is a very easy to use backup maker for the virtual machines. This allows the users to backup the virtual machine operating system to the computer on which it is running. The backups can be shared over the networks and can be copied to external storage devices like a DVD or USB pen-drive. Apart from backing up your virtual machines, it can also be used to backup local files and perform a basic cleanup of the system drive.

GoPC Backup can backup your virtual machines in just four easy steps. As we launch the GoPC Backup program, it shows a wizard like user interface comprising of four steps. In the first step, we choose the folder that you wish to backup. In the second step, we have to choose a file which is going to contain the backup. In the third step, we can choose any other locations where the backup files are going to be copied. In the fourth step, we can choose time at which the backup task is run everyday. And finally, we can finish the setup for a backup task and run it manually.

GoPC Backup

GoPC Backup uses 7-Zip as the compression tool. It can compress all the files being backed up. The final backup is created in form of a ZIP file using the 7-Zip command line version. This backup file is like any other ordinary ZIP file. We can use any archiver application like 7-Zip, WinRAR, PeaZip or WinZip to open and extract files from these backups. This makes it very convenient for everyone to handle the backups.

In case you are thinking that how is GoPC Backup is different from 7-Zip and why we cannot archive the source folder ourselves to make the backups, there are many features provided by GoPC Backup. Firstly, the user interface is very convenient. And then there is the scheduling of the backups which is not possible when using 7-Zip yourself.

You can download GoPC Backup from The download links are not under the “releases” section but in the “code” section itself.