DualSafe : Free, Smart and Secure Password Manager

In this day and age, there is hardly anyone who does not use a password to unlock one or other online accounts. Usually, people have multiple passwords for a number of their online accounts. When you have so many passwords, it is easy to forget them specially if you do not regularly use them. This is why we need a password manager so that we can store them in a secure password protected database.

Remember just one master password

DualSafe Password Manager is a free password manager that boasts very strong encryption of your stored data using the powerful AES 256-bit cipher. It uses the popular single master or primary password model to unlock the rest of the stored passwords. This way you have to memorize only the master/primary password instead of dozens of other passwords.

Strong password generator

It comes with a strong password generator using which passwords satisfying all the checks for being a strong password can be generated on the fly. The password generator has options to change the length and include various character sets like uppercase, lowercase, digits and symbols.

DualSafe Password Manager

Checks password health

If you have been using some passwords for a very long (other than the ones generated by any strong password generator), then they could be not very strong or even very weak. A weak password can easily be guessed by anyone or brute-forced in a matter of a few minutes. DualSafe Password Manager comes with a module called password health that monitors the weakness in your passwords. It displays passwords leaked in the dark web, passwords that are very weak, passwords that are being used in more than one accounts, passwords belonging to unsecured websites, passwords from compromised websites, and more. It even reminds you if you have not enabled 2FA for the online services that offer it.

Web browser extensions for auto-filling

It installs web browser extensions for all the popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Brave etc. These extensions make things easier when signing in to online accounts. With the help of these extensions, we can auto-save, auto-fill and auto-update the login credentials as well as payment data safely. Furthermore, it suggests a strong password whenever you try to create a new online account.


With all the things considered, DualSafe Password Manager is a powerful, safe and easy-to-use password manager for everyone. It can be installed on multiple devices and we can sync the stored passwords across all these devices.

You can download DualSafe Password Manager from https://www.itopvpn.com/dualsafe-password-manager.