How to Enable Early Bird in Opera GX Browser

Opera GX is a special build of the Opera web browser. It is designed specially for online gamers. It is lightweight and has all the most wanted features so heavily demanded by the PC gamers built into the web browsers. We can access Twitch and Discord from the sidebar easily. We can also share files with other using the Flow feature. If you want to chat with your gaming buddies, then it has WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Discord at your avail.

It has CPU, RAM and network usage controls using which we can control their usage so as to benefit the PC gamers while they are playing the games and live-streaming over to Twitch. The web browser is also available for the mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.

Opera GX comes with something called GX Corner from where you can access all the games related news. It shows the calendar of when the new games are being released and when a game is getting updates. There are also links to great deals when buying games or subscriptions. It also offers free to play games. If you have not installed Opera GX on your desktop computers or mobile devices, then you can get it from

If you want to stay on the edge of technology being offered by the Opera GX web browser then you can enable a feature called Early Bird in Opera GX. Here is how it is done:

  1. Launch Opera GX web browser. Click on the Opera GX logo near the top-left corner and select Settings from the menu that appears.
  2. In the settings window, select GX category from the side. At the very bottom of the GX section, click on Early Bird.Opera GX Early Bird
  3. Click on the toggle switch to enable the Early Bird feature. After this click on the Relaunch button to restart the web browser.

The Early Bird feature will download and install the latest available builds as soon as possible even before they are released to the public. It also fetches newer features in these earlier builds.