Easily Block Programs in Windows Firewall with Firewall Easy

Starting with Windows XP, Microsoft started to ship their flagship operating system with a built-in firewall. The features and performance of the Windows Firewall have only improved with time. However, blocking a program using Windows Firewall is unusually more complicated than any other third-party firewall. If you want to block a program in Windows Firewall, then you have to first launch Windows Firewall and then jump through a number of hoops to block a program.

Block programs by right-clicking

If you want to make it a little easier to block a program, then you can try Firewall Easy. It is an open-source application that adds itself to the context-menu of the Windows File Explorer. You can right-click on any application (EXE) and choose to Block internet access. For example, if you want to block Firefox, then you can right-click on firefox.exe and chose “Block internet access”.

Firewall Easy

Firewall Easy makes it very easy to block access to the internet for any application installed on your computer using the built-in Windows Firewall. The context-menu is added as soon as FirewallEasy.exe is launched. You have to launch it at least once in order to use the context-menu feature. If you want to get rid of the context-menu item, then you can double-click on the RemoveContextMenu.reg and follow the instructions.

Block programs using drag-n-drop

Another way to block the applications in Windows Firewall is through the Firewall Easy user interface. We can launch Firewall Easy, click on the Add button and pick one of the EXE files that you want to block. The second method is to use the drag-n-drop interface in which we can drag any application and drop it on the Firewall Easy window. Similarly, we can remove a previously added program by selecting it from the list and then clicking on the Remove button.

Firewall Easy

Automatic blocking of programs

By choosing one of these methods of blocking access to the Internet, the Firewall Easy program will automatically make all the necessary changes to the system registry and perform all required steps to block the application from accessing the Internet.

You can download Firewall Easy from https://github.com/r57zone/Firewall-Easy.