Noise : Keeps PC from Going to Sleep

Windows operating system has been designed to be energy efficient. It has settings that can power off an external device if it has not been used for several hours. It can stop spinning the hard disk drive if you have not accessed any files for some time. It can turn off the screen if you have not given any input through the traditional input devices like the keyboard and mice.

In the last of these features, Windows turns off the screen quickly and running even if you have not used the keyboard or mouse. But this becomes a problem if you are watching a DVD movie on your computer or watching the latest “Stranger Things” episode on Netflix. When no user input is received, Windows might turn off the screen while you were watching the suspenseful part of a movie. This could be very annoying for anyone.

Noise is a small application for Windows that addresses this problem. Noise simulates keystrokes in the background so that Windows gets tricked into thinking that the user is using keyboard for something. Having received this simulated user input, Windows avoids turning off the screen or putting the PC into sleep mode.


Noise has a minimal user interface. It places itself to the Windows desktop notification area. From this notification area, we can access the menu to show the main window and exit the application altogether. When we choose to show the main window, it is very tiny window with only a text box. In the textbox, you can type in anything you like. In the following screenshot, I have typed “” but it does not explain what this textbox actually does.


Noise is very useful for Windows users who do not want to change the system settings and want to watch movies or play games without worrying about the PC screen going dark when it is switched off by the system or the PC is put into the sleep mode.

You can download Noise from