Epic Games Store Giveaway : Destiny 2 Anniversary Pack

Epic Games store is once again out with some impressive giveaways. This week a very popular and well acclaimed game is available on the giveaway – Destiny 2: Bungie’s 30th Anniversary Pack. As is obvious from the title, this game is for the celebration of the video game developer company Bungie’s 30th anniversary.

Destiny is a responsive first person shooter game with a very engaging gameplay. In this game you get to explore the mysteries of the solar system but also defend our solar system from some very powerful enemies. The players in Destiny 2 assume of the role of protectors of humanity. As protectors, the players have to continuously seek and defeat the alien world forces who are hostile to our world.

In the 30th anniversary pack, we get a new dungeon and many new weapons inspired from the Bungie games of the past. There is a new rocket launcher, armor set, new gear and cosmetics all based on Bungie’s past. Furthermore this pack also gives access to extra cosmetics chest in some other activities related to the game such as Dares of Eternity.

Destiny 2 Game

This game was originally released in 2017 and we can assume that any gaming PC older than 2015 will not be able to handle this game that well. For optimal performance, we need a gaming PC with AMD Radeon 7850 with 2GB dedicated memory, 6GB of physical memory and AMD Ryzen R5 or Intel Core i5 3.5 GHz.

You can claim your free copy of the game Destiny 2 in two methods. You can either visit the Epic Games store directly at https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/destiny-2–bungie-30th-anniversary-pack, login to your account and click on the Get button. The second method is much easier – you have to install Epic Games store client on your computer, search for the “Destiny 2” from inside it and then add it to your library.