Firmware Tables View : See Firmware Tables on Windows

Microsoft SysInternals and NirSoft are the two sources from where you can get high quality system tools for monitoring, modifying or discovering details about your Windows PC. One of the tools published by NirSoft is Firmware Tables View which is able to display the system firmware tables in easy to read format.

It is a portable application and does not require any installation of any kind. We can download it, extract the ZIP archive and launch FirmwareTablesView.exe from there. This tool does not even require any administrator level privileges.

In its user interface, Firmware Tables View shows a list of all the firmware tables loaded by the system. It shows the provider of the firmware tables such as ACPI or SMBIOS. The firmware tables usually supplied by ACPI are about power management of various hardware components or the connected peripherals. Similarly, the tables from SMBIOS handle are about all the hardware devices from the very start of the booting sequence of the PC.

Firmware Tables View

In the list view of Firmware Tables View, we can also see the details such as the signature, length, revision, OEM ID, OEM table ID, creator ID, creator revision and the description. When we select one of the entries displayed in its window, it shows the raw format of the selected firmware table data in the lower half of the window.

We can save any of the selected tables into either a binary file or in form of a text file, HTML file, comma separated values (CSV), or XML file. These files can be printed using a connected printer but usually this is not necessary.

Analysis of the firmware tables is often done for detection of the presence of certain malicious applications or to find if the current system is being run under a virtual environment.

You can download Firmware Tables View from