JPEG Lossless Rotator : Changes Orientation of Pictures

Sometimes when we snap pictures using our digital camera or using the smartphone camera, the picture is automatically captured in a different orientation than we expect. This happens because of the gravity sensor present in those devices that determines how we are holding the camera and saves the picture in that orientation on its own. While some digital cameras allow to disable this feature, others do not.

Manual rotation of JPEG pictures

One way to change or correct the orientation of the pictures that you took using your digital camera is by using an image viewer to go through each of the pictures one-by-one and change their rotations. But this can be a really long and painful task to complete. Moreover, the common image viewer programs use the methods that end up in encoding the image once again resulting in some loss of quality.

Lossless rotation of JPEG pictures

If you want to rotate the pictures without losing the original quality, then you can try JPEG Lossless Rotator. As anyone can guess this program works only with JPEG image files. But since majority of the digital cameras save the pictures in the JPEG format, it is only working in our favor. Besides we can always convert the raw format of the pictures from the digital cameras that save in the raw image format using a tool like XnConvert.

JPEG Lossless Rotator

Automatic rotation based on EXIF

In the JPEG Lossless Rotator window, we can click on the Browse button to open a folder containing all your image files. It will load and display all the JPEG files found in the selected folder. We can choose to automatically rotate all the images based on the orientation data found in their EXIF metadata.

Backup of original pictures

Other than the automatic change of orientation, we can also manually change the orientation – left, right, rotate 180 degrees, flip it horizontally/vertically, and more. The program does not save the original picture’s backup before making the changes by default. We have to enable the backup before the orientation is changed.

You can download JPEG Lossless Rotator from