Generate Vector Barcode Graphics with Barcode Vectorizer

Barcodes are really helpful in organizing inventory. With the help of a laser barcode scanner, we can quickly scan items and know all the details fetched from a database. This is why all the mass-manufactured products are now labeled with one or other type of barcodes. All the books are also labeled with a special barcode called ISBN.

If you want to create your own barcodes then you should consider saving them in the vector graphics format for their benefits. Vector benefits can be resized easily without losing their details. You can print them in any size and they still look crisp-clear which is something we desire from barcode graphics image files.

With the help of Barcode Vectorizer we can generate both vector and scalar image files containing the barcodes. In this software, we can choose one of the barcode types (such as EAN, ISBN, Code 93 etc), barcode number, size, color, text font and style. Once we have designed the barcode exactly as we want, we can click on the Generate Images button.

Barcode Vectorizer

It will show you all the possible image file types in which you can export the generated barcode. There are many options such as PDF, EPF and SVG. We can also export it into non-vector images such as PNG, BMP or JPG. We can also choose which color model is to be used – CMYK or RGB.

Barcode Vectorizer

In the demo version of the software, it stamps a huge “DEMO”over the actual barcode text/number which is displayed under the barcode graphic. This watermarking is done in all the image file types as well as the PDF file format as shown in the following screenshot.

Barcode Vectorizer

All in all, Barcode Vectorizer is  a great productive tool to have for generate barcodes with high-resolution vector graphics. It has an easy to user interface and supports all the barcode types.

You can download Barcode Vectorizer from The website is in German language but the software gets installed in English.