NoxPlayer : Fix Graphics Card Driver is Outdated Error

NoxPlayer is perhaps the most popular Android OS emulator for Windows computers. Using this we can use Android on our Windows computers from within Windows operating system itself. It is installed just like any other application and when launched gives access to the virtual Android operating system.

At the present time, it uses Android 9 base for the Android experience on your PC. It comes with all the files needed to run Android on any Windows PC. Using this, we can install and run Android applications on a Windows PC. It is very popular among the gamers who want to play Android games on larger PC screen.

NoxPlayer stops with error

When installing Noxplayer, sometimes we encounter an error – “Your graphics card driver is outdated, you may fail to start NoxPlayer. Please update your graphics card driver.” We have only one choice to click on the OK button which closes the installation window.

NoxPlayer Graphics Card Error

Manual graphics driver update

There are two ways to fix this problem – first is manually downloading the graphics card driver software and installing it on your PC. For this, you have to know your graphics card make and model. We can use Speccy to find the graphics card model on any Windows PC.

After you know the model for your graphics card, you can search for the latest driver software on its manufacturer website. For example, if you have MSI GeForce GT 730 graphics card, then you can download its latest driver software from Nvidia or MSI website.

NoxPlayer Graphics Card Error

Automated graphics driver update

Another method to update your graphics software is through a driver updater software such as Auslogics Driver Updater. This software can automatically find if your computer has outdated device drivers installed, fetch the latest versions of available drivers and install them for your Windows PC. Using this software, we can update not only the graphics card drivers but all the other device drivers like the audio drivers or networking components drivers.