How to Auto-Clear Firefox History at Regular Intervals

Mozilla Firefox web browser is very popular among the users who favor security over anything else. It is available on Windows, Linux and macOS. There are browser apps available for Android and iOS as well. If you are a regular user of Firefox, you will notice that it starts to load slower and slower as time passes. This is because a lot of browser history, browser cache and other files have accumulated in past many months. The longer you use Firefox without cleaning the history, the slower it becomes.

One easy and obvious solution to this problem is that we clean the Firefox browser history every month or so. But what if we forget cleaning the browser? For those forgetful folks, there is an add-on for Firefox called “History Auto Delete”. The title of this extension is enough to explain about what it does. It can delete the browser history automatically on its own at regular intervals.

After the installation of the “History Auto Delete”, it starts working in the background. There is no icon or anything visible, but we can configure its settings from the add-on options interface by visiting about:addons. In the settings for the “History Auto Delete” app, we can specify the URLs, the browser history of which is to be deleted automatically using this add-on. We can use regular expressions for adding these URLs.

History Auto Delete

Under the list of all the URLs, we find the place where we can add the time frequency of removing the browsing history of these URLs. By default, the waiting time for deleting the browsing history is 3000 milliseconds (3 seconds) and the waiting time between two consecutive deletions is 2000 milliseconds (2 seconds). If you think these intervals are smaller, then you can add an interval of your choice but always use the time in milliseconds. For example, we can make it 10 seconds by adding 10000 in the waiting time box.

You can get the “History Auto Delete” add-on for Mozilla Firefox web browser from