IconLover : Create, Edit and Convert Icons on Windows

IconLover is an icon tool that can be used to create new icons, edit existing icons and extract icons from the files. During the installation it shows options to associate itself with the graphics files so that you can easily open them for viewing or editing in IconLover.

It can be associated with file types such as ICO, ICNS, RSRC, ICPR, CUR, ANI, ICC, ICL, DLL, PNG, GIF etc. It is better not to associate it with file types like DLL because it might cause problems later on.

Since it supports file types such as ICNS and RSRC which are both icon files for macOS, we can use IconLover to convert icons from macOS to Windows supported icon files such as ICO. For this all we have to do is open the macOS icon file in IconLover and then save it as ICO file.


Upon launching IconLover, we are given many options for creating new icons from scratch (by drawing them manually by hand), crating a new icon by importing the image data from an existing non-icon file, open an existing icon file, find icons in a folder, extract all icons on the computer, or download icons from the Internet.

If you choose to create a new icon or edit an existing icon, then it will open the full featured icon editor. This icon editor window contains all the tools needed for editing an icon. We have access to drawing tools like selector, color picker, color replacer, eraser, pencil, paint brush, flood fill, airbrush, geometric drawing tools, text inserter and more.

The editor supports layers which makes editing an icon very convenient. We can set masks using these layers. We also have access to a number of effects when editing the icons. The icon projects can be saved in a number of icon files or libraries.

You can download IconLover from http://www.aha-soft.com/iconlover/.