DP-Hash : Fast File Hashing Utility for Windows

If you want to compare two files quickly in order to find out whether they are identical or not, then you can just compare their file hashes. But in order to do this comparison, we must find the file hashes or checksums first. We can use a file hashing tool like DP-Hash to quickly find the hashes of any files on a Windows PC.

DP-Hash is a Windows application for easily finding the checksums of files. It can find the checksums using a large number of hashing algorithms. The supported algorithms include the Blake2B, Blake2S, MD3, MD4, MD5, SHA, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512, GOST, Grindahl, RIPEMD, Tiger, Snefru, Haval, Panama, RadioGatun, Whirlpool, Keccak, Adler32, CRC32, MurmurHash and all of their variants.

Using DP-Hash is very easy. It has a user interface in which we can select a file by clicking on the Open button for which we want to calculate the file hash. After this, we have to select one of the hashing algorithms from the drop-down list which contains a really large number of algorithms.


After selection of a hashing algorithm we can click on the Calc Hash button and it will calculate the hash according to the selected algorithm. The hash will be displayed in the first hash textbox in the DP-Hash window. We can copy this hash to the clipboard.

If you want to compare the hash received from the website of a file that you downloaded with the hash that you have calculated, then you have to first calculate the hash in the above mentioned manner. After this, you can copy and paste the hash from the file download site into DP-Hash window. Clicking on the Compare button will instantly tell you if the two hashes are identical or not.

DP-Hash is a nice little tool to have on your Windows PC. We can use it to find and compare the file hashes very fast and easy.

You can download DP-Hash from https://www.paehl.de/hash.