Launcher iOS 16 Brings iPhone Launcher to Android

Apple has made the beta version of their mobile operating system iOS 16 available a few months go. After that they have been releasing updates to the iOS 16 beta versions regularly. The latest update iOS 16 Beta 6 was released only a week ago. This new version of the Apple iOS is making waves all over the world. Thousands of users who have installed it on their iPhone are now writing social media posts praising new look and improved features of iOS 16.

If you are an Android user and want to have a taste of how using iOS 16 feels like, then you can use an Android launcher called Launcher iOS 16. It is a very popular iOS like launcher for Android smartphones. In the past, the same developers had released launchers copying the look and feel of iOS 13, iOS 15 and now they have updated their launcher app to reflect the changes that iOS 16 has brought about.

Launcher iOS 16

Using the Launcher iOS 16 is as easy as it can be. You have to install it from the Google Play store (link for which is at the bottom of this post). After the installation is complete, when you launch this Launcher iOS 16, you will be asked to set it as your default launcher for Android. It will even open the settings for you – all you have to do is select it as the default launcher from the list.

This launcher truly mimics the iOS 16 screen. All the icons have been lifted from the iOS 16, it has Force touch mode for the apps, Jiggle motion effect, a dock like that you see on iOS, and iOS style widgets (like the battery charge percentage or the weather).

Launcher iOS 16 is definitely the Android launcher to use if you want to get the iPhone like experience from your Android device. This launcher offers even more features than the original Apple iOS 16 user interface.

You can get the Launcher iOS 16 for Android from