Arrange Your Photos with TweakNow Quick Collage Maker

There so many events when you want to display a whole array of your pictures from past many years. For example, on the 40th birthday of your uncle, you may want to display his yearly portrait starting from when he was a little baby to the day he turned 40. A collage of all of the photographs is going to look great on such occasions. For making a collage quickly we can use the TweakNow Quick Collage Maker. It is a graphic tool for quickly creating collages from your pictures.

As the name suggests, the Quick Collage Maker program is able to instantly create collages from any photos we choose from our local hard disk drive. It is very easy-to-use and supports a number of different designs. It comes with more than a hundred layouts and designs that we can pick from.

We begin with adding a single photo to the Quick Collage Maker window. But if one is not enough for us, we can add  many more photos and create a beautiful collage from your digital photos. We can choose from the layouts, borders, backgrounds, change its size, add text and stickers to the collage. The live preview of the collage is displayed in the Quick Collage Maker window so we can design it just like we want it.

Quick Collage Maker

This program allows combining up to ten photos at the same time. For each of the collages, we can adjust the size of the frame (to create unique compositions), round the corners of the photo, and use a gradient color, pattern or image as the background.

We can export the created collage to a number of image formats such as PNG, JPG, TIFF or GIF format and conveniently share it on the internet over social networks.

You can download  Quick Collage Maker from