Photopea : Online Photo Editor with Support for PSD

In this busy life, we are always on the move. There are so many times when we cannot access our trustworthy powerful desktop computer with equally powerful image editing and photo retouching software. Even though using an offline software is usually desired, we can have access to all the same photo editing features using online photo editing software like Photopea.

It is an online photo editor that comes with a full range of editing tools, features, and effects. It supports all the usual image file types (such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF etc), PSD, PDF, AI, XD, Sketch, XCF, and even the RAW photographs from DSLR digital cameras. It supports layers just like Adobe Photoshop.

For using Photopea, you do not need a very powerful computer. You can launch any modern web browser such as Google Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi or Mozilla Firefox and navigate to the Photopea web address. It will load the full photo editor right inside your web browser. I recommend using Google Chrome for the best performance.


In the opening screen, you get the chance to start  a new project, open a project saved on your local computer or choose from one of the PSD templates that it offers. All the templates are loaded from the cloud and opened really fast for you.

The user interface of the Photopea online photo editor is very much similar to that of the popular GIMP image editor software (in dark mode). The users of the Adobe Photoshop are also going to find some similarity with its user interface. The tools are all provided on the left sidebar. Properties, layers and other things are on the right sidebar.

The finished projects can either be saved to the PSD files to your local computer or exported into common image file types such as JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF etc.

You can start editing your digital photos by visiting in any web browser.