GOG Games Giveaway : Horror Sci-Fi Game STASIS

The digital games distribution platform GOG is giving away a smash hit horror game STASIS this week. It is a point-and-click horror game and also falls under the science fiction category. In fact, the word “statis” means slowing down of bodily functions to a level that no more changes take place. It is similar to another sci-fi concept called “Cryogenic Sleep” which refers to a deep sleep at very very low temperatures.

In the STASIS game, our protagonist John Maracheck wakes up from statis. He cannot finds his wife and daughter in a seemingly abandoned spaceship in the vicinity of the planet Neptune. He is in deep pain and he has no time to waste as the powerful gravitational force of Neptune is pulling the spaceship closer and closer. Before the spaceship disappears into the acidic gaseous clouds of Neptune, he has to unravel the mysteries around him, find his wife and daughter, and get out of the Neptune’s clouds.


STASIS is a point and click game with very engaging gameplay which is only enhanced with its award winning music. We can play this game on any Windows PC that was manufactured in the last fifteen years. The game requires no special gaming hardware – just DirectX 9, 2 GB RAM, 2 GHz CPU processor (even uniprocessors work for this game) and any affordable graphics card. The game can even be played from within a virtual machine using software such as Vmware Player Oracle VirtualBox.

The game is a pack of all sorts of puzzles and riddles. We have to combine different items to get a new one. We can interact with computer screens and find more information. We can solve many different puzzles to clear a level only to find much tougher puzzles in the next level.

You can claim your free copy of the horror game STATIS by visiting https://www.gog.com/en/game/stasis.