Recover Data from Memory Cards with Hetman FAT Recovery

We all know that data is stored in storage drives like hard disk drives, USB pen drives, DVDs and solid state drives (SSD). But an operating system such as Windows stores and retrieves the data using a file system.

File systems can be of many different types depending on the operating system in use. A Linux computer might use EXT4, a Mac might use HFS+ and a Windows typically uses NTFS to store and retrieve data from memory storage devices.

An older but faster file system is FAT and it is still being used in many portable memory storage devices such as memory cards, pen drives etc. When you buy a new USB pen drive or SD card, it usually comes formatted using FAT32 file system which is a variation of FAT.

If you have lost files stored on a memory card that was formatted using FAT32 file system, then you might be able to restore your lost files using a software called Hetman FAT Recovery.

Hetman FAT Recovery

It comes in both an installer format and also as a portable program. The portable program can be copied on to a pendrive and used on any Windows PC. Inside the portable package, we can find both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the software.

Hetman FAT Recovery offers an easy wizard like interface which takes you to each of the steps. It also offers an advanced used interface where you have more options to choose the drives, partitions and recover files.

Hetman FAT Recovery

After making a selection of the target drives or partitions, you can run a fast scan or a thorough scan and it will show you deleted files or folders. It even shows a preview for all the media files such as images or videos. For the other files, it can display a hex data preview.

Hetman FAT Recovery

Restoring files is very easy and we can restore the deleted files simply by double-clicking on them. We have the options to save the files to hard disk drive, create a ZIP archive containing all of them or upload them to an FTP server.

Hetman FAT Recovery

In the freeware version of the Hetman FAT Recovery, all the restored images are stamped with watermarks. For making a full unmodified recovery, you have to buy a license for Hetman FAT Recovery.

You can download Hetman FAT Recovery from