TextConverter : Batch Edit Multiple Text Files in Seconds

As a web developer or a computer programmer, we often come across the situations when we have to edit some lines of code in a large number of source code files. Each of these source files have only a few lines of codes that are to be replaced by another piece of code or to be completely removed.

We can accomplish this task manually which would take many hours, dozens of cups of hot coffee, staying up into the late hours of night and will definitely cause headache. On the other hand, we can batch edit all the files in just one go using a software called TextConverter. This software can perform a number of actions on your text files such as replace, delete, trim, prepend, append, insert, counter, rewrite, writing, transliteration and transcription etc.

With TextConverter not only we can save time when working with thousands of source code or other plain text files, but we can also ensure that no human errors are made (such as a typo) when editing the files.

TextConverter is a portable application and does not require any installation. We can double-click on textconverterbasic.exe to launch TextConverter.

TextConverter Basic

The program window has three sections. In the top-left section, we can add all the text files that we want to work with. In the top-right section, we can add actions to be performed on these text files such as search & replace text, edit lines, insert text, trim the text and more. All of these actions have a configuration which defines how that action is going to change the original text.

In the lower-left section of the TextConverter window, we can see a preview of how these actions are going to work. For example, when you select a text file from the list, this section will show you a comparison of the original file and the preview of the modified version. This way you can easily make a modification if the preview is not what you wanted it to be.

For making the changes the permanent, we can click on the Convert and Save button. But in the free version this is not possible. Similarly, copying the changes to the clipboard is disabled in the freeware version.

You can download TextConverter from https://www.sttmedia.com/textconverter.