Repair Corrupt Videos with Kernel Video Repair Tool

Sometimes when you are download some kind of of video file from the internet, it fails to download in the end. The incompletely downloaded video file cannot be played in any media player unless it is repaired first. For repairing the video files that are corrupt, damaged, incomplete or broken we can use Kernel Video Repair tool. This tool can help repair all kinds of video files because it employs the powerful FFmpeg tool in the background.

Kernel Video Repair is a Windows application that has only one purpose – to repair he corrupted video files. In its user interface, we have to drag-n-drop the damaged video files on its window. We can add multiple video files in its list this way. All the added video files do not have to be of the same file format, they can be of any video file format.

Kernel Video Repair Tool

After adding the video files, we can click on the Repair Files button. This will start the repairing mechanism of the Kernel Video Repair tool. It basically tries to extract all the streams – videos, audios and other streams into separate files. After successfully extracting separate streams, it tries to recombine them. In this manner, we end up with a perfectly sound video file that works smoothly.

In the trial version of Kernel Video Repair tool, it allows only first 30 seconds of the video file to be repaired. When you play the fixed file, it plays only the 30 seconds of the repaired video. If the video is less than 30 seconds in length to begin with, then perhaps it can reproduce the repaired video file in its entirety.

Kernel Video Repair Tool

If you want to repair longer video files in their full length, then you have to purchase the license of the full version of the Kernel Video Repair tool.

You can download Kernel Video Repair Tool from