GOG Giveaway : Lovecroft Untold Stories

The fans of science fiction often talk about H. P. Lovecroft for hours. His books often combined elements of science fiction, horror and fantasy. Many of his stories have been made into motion pictures. His fans remember him for his creation of the Cthulu character who belongs to the Great Old One species.

This week on GOG Sale Giveaway, you can grab a video game based roughly on the characters created by H. P. Lovecroft called Lovecroft Untold Stories. In this game, you can play randomly generated levels fighting with all the different characters from many of the different stories of Lovecroft. During the gameplay, you encounter characters from the species the Great Old One as well as the Outer Gods.

The game is RPG and you have to be really fast with your keyboard, mouse or gamepad to escape the monsters. You are going to find many occult practitioners and evil characters from Lovecroft stories. You have to solve puzzles and accept challenges to clear the game levels and move on to the next level.

Lovecroft Untold Stories

If you are a fan of Lovecroft stories and have read his stories before, then you can easily find the clues to unlock secret secrets and find untold stories. As a Lovecroft reader, you are going to enjoy this game and also have an edge over the others.

Lovecroft Untold Stories is only 433 MB in download size. It can be played on any Windows PC that has basic minimum working components running on Windows 7 with 2 GB RAM and a DirectX 9 compatible graphics card. If you bought any Windows PC in past 10 years, then you can play this game on your PC comfortably.

You can visit https://www.gog.com/game/lovecrafts_untold_stories to claim your free copy of Lovecroft Untold Stories. During the giveaway of this game which lasts until 31st August 2022, you can also visit https://www.gog.com/#giveaway to find this game on the giveaway.