WinMute Helps Automatically Mute Windows PC

One problem with using Bluetooth headphones is that as soon as the battery runs out and they get disconnected, the main speaker of your smartphone or laptop starts playing the music. So you could be listening to the latest music at full volume on your headphones and suddenly the Bluetooth headphones get disconnected. This will make your laptop continue with the music at full volume. This is not desirable when you are listening to the music at night time or when other people are busy at work.

On a Windows PC, we can use an open-source application called WinMute to automatically mute the PC as soon as the paired Bluetooth headphones get disconnected from the PC. This is not the only time, WinMute can automatically mute the PC. It can auto-mute your PC based on a number of triggers.


WinMute can automatically mute your PC when you lock your Windows PC (using Win+L hotkey), when a screensaver starts, when you sign out of the Windows session, when you switch to another user on Windows, when the computer display turns off for any reason, when your PC goes into sleep/hibernation mode, when your Windows PC connects to or disconnects from a particular network and more.


Your Bluetooth headphones might disconnect from your Windows PC not only when the battery charge runs out. But they might get disconnected when you walk too much far away (more than 10 meters) from your PC. This is because Bluetooth connectivity is limited to a very short distance and it also depends on the Bluetooth device itself. WinMute can save you from embarrassing situations when you walk away from your desktop computer and suddenly your computer’s built-in speakers start blaring out the ear deafening music in the middle of your work place or home.

You can download WinMute from