BorderZone FileBrowser : Java Based File Explorer for Windows

Windows PC comes with File Explorer to access and manipulate files and folders. It offers all kinds of file operations such as copying, moving, renaming, deleting etc. However, some users find the features of the Windows File Explorer rather limited. It is for those users, that many alternatives for the File Explorer exist on the internet. For example, there is a Java based BorderZone FileBrowser which offers many features and support for plugins.

In order to run BorderZone FileBrowser, you must have Oracle Java installed on your Windows PC. The Java runtimes can be downloaded for your Windows PC from After installing Java on your PC, you can download BorderZone FileBrowser, extract it to a folder on your hard disk drive and launch it from there. It is a portable program and so it does not require any installation. Windows users have to double-click on the FileBrowser.bat batch script in order to launch it properly.

BoarderZone FileBrowser

The basic form of BorderZone FileBrowser comes with many features already. For example, we do not need an external image viewer when using FileBrowser. We can view any media file using its built-in features. And if you find that these features are not enough, then it also offers the user of hundreds of plugins. These plugins add more features to the BorderZone FileBrowser application. For example, there is a “QR Code scanner” plugin using which we can decode the QR codes and barcodes in various image files.

BorderZone FileBrowser comes with some in-built features that users desire all the time. It comes with a screen ruler to measure the screen, a screen capture feature using which we can take screenshots, a hex viewer to view the contents of the files in the hex format, a hex editor to change the binary format of the files and more.

You can download BorderZone FileBrowser from