ZenTimings : View AMD Ryzen Memory Timings in Realtime

These days the first choice of all the PC gamers all over the world is a AMD Ryzen based gaming PC. This is because Ryzen series of processors are extremely powerful and comparatively cheaper. When you are playing a game on a Ryzen based PC, you experience another level smoothness. Obviously Ryzen processors require a good graphics processing card to give you the best experience.

If you also have a Ryzen based PC and want to test which of the memory modules is giving the best performance with your setup, then you can try ZenTimings. It is an open-source program that can display the memory timings, i.e. how much time is being taken in processing data through the installed memory modules. It supports AMD Ryzen, Threadripper or EPYC processors.

ZenTimings is a portable application. We can extract the downloaded ZIP archive to a local folder and run the program “ZenTimings.exe” from there. It needs a driver to monitor the memory which it installs the very first time you launch ZenTimings. The driver files are copied in the system folder of your Windows installation and can be manually removed later on if needed.


The CPU timings detected by ZenTimings may vary depending on the processor variant, BIOS and the installed hardware. The common timings are displayed in real time and we can take a screenshot of its window easily by clicking on the camera button. We can use these screenshots for sharing with others over forums and social networks. The screenshot can be copied to the clipboard or saved as an image file to the local drives.

It also displays the frequency of the memory for the memory controller. According to the developer, the frequencies displayed might not be accurate because they are not always the realtime frequencies even though an attempt for correction using the base clock BCLK is made. Similarly, the voltages of various kinds are displayed however accuracy is not claimed.

You can download ZenTimings from https://github.com/irusanov/ZenTimings.