BrowsingHistoryView Shows History of All Web Browsers

When you visit a website, the browsing history is stored in that web browser. We can open web browser and check the history easily. For example, in the case of Mozilla Firefox web browser, we can open the entire browsing history by using the hotkey Ctrl+H. If you have to access the browsing history for the Chrome web browser, then you have to do something similar in the Chrome browser.

But suppose you want to check the browsing history for all the web browsers, then you might have to open all the web browsers and check their respective browsing histories individually. An easier way is to use a freeware program called BrowsingHistoryView. This program is designed by Nir Sofer, the famous Windows utilities’ developer, and has the familiar Nirsoft user interface. It can show you the browsing history of all the installed web browsers from a single window.

The BrowsingHistoryView program supports a large number of web browsers – Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, SeaMonkey, Brave and Safari. The program confirms some reading limitations in the case of Internet Explorer, but then it has been discontinued and not many people are using it anymore.


The user interface of BrowsingHistoryView consists of a list and contains various details about the browsing history. The icons of the respective web browsers are displayed for each of the entries which is a visual indication of the browser. It also displays the URL, title, visit time, visit count, visited from, visit type, visit duration, user profile (for Windows logon), browser profile, history file and the record ID for each of the entries.

We can right-click on any of these entries and choose to export the selected entries into a TXT, CSV, XML or HTML files. We can also choose to open that URL in the default web browser or even delete the selected entries from the history file itself.

You can download BrowsingHistoryView from