Google App : Search for a Song by Humming

Sometimes a song is being played and we do not know anything about it – who is the performing artist and what is the title of the album? This usually happens to very old songs or very new songs that you often listen on the radio stations. You can also fail to recognize a song that is being played in a movie from the older times. In these cases, we can seek the help of the Google app. It has song recognition feature built inside it.

Google app on Android or iPhone can be used to search for a song that is being played near you. We can also sing the song ourselves or hum the song. In the latter case, you have to try singing as close to the original tune as possible. Here is how it is done:

  1. First of all launch the Google app on your smartphone. Then tap on the microphone icon in the search box. After this, tap on the Search a song. Google Search for Song
  2. Now start singing or humming your song. You can also bring your smartphone’s mic closer to the source of music that is being played on another device such as TV or radio.
  3. In a few seconds, Google search will display the recognized song along with its album, its various links like YouTube, Amazon Music, Spotify etc. It also shows it lyrics if possible.

This same feature is also available through the Google Assistant. In the Google Assistant, which has to be installed on Android smartphone from the Google Play store, you can just start singing or speaking the main part of the lyrics of a song. It will instantly fetch the search results belonging to that song.

Even though Google Assistant and Google app are both powered by the same technologies, I personally found the Google app to be more accurate especially for the songs that I was trying to hum.