Epic Games Store Giveaway : Runbow

Epic Games store is giving away Runbow game this week. It is a platform racing game and makes for a fun weekend gaming session. It features nine different characters. You have to race against them to reach the final finish line in each of the levels. What makes this game interesting is that other players not only race against you, they also try to play dirty to win the races.

Runbow is a multiplayer game and we can have a maximum of nine players. We can race against all of these players and avoid their attacks. The real challenge posed by the Runbow game is its colored background (hence the title of the game). The background color changes very often during the race and the hurdles are of the same color. Because hurdles are the same color as the background, we cannot see them clearly and race ends for the player.

Runbow is made further interesting by the addition of many story based content inside it. For example, you have to finish the challenges in order to defeat the bowhemoth which a the most difficult challenges presented in the belly of the colossal beast.


If you want to play single player, then it offers you a massive number of maps counting around 140 in total. All these maps can be found in the Satura’s Adventure pack.

Runbow has very minimal system requirements. It can be run on any Windows 10 PC with 8 GB of RAM. The graphics card can also be anything of an average quality. This can be run even on Nvidia GeForce GT 710.

You can visit Epic Games store website at  https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/runbow-fc9fa4 in order to claim your free copy. The game can also be obtained from the Epic Games Launcher application which is also necessary to download and install this game on your Windows PC.