How to Set Continuous Wallpaper on Dual Monitors

If you have been using dual monitor configuration and want to set a continuous dual monitor wallpaper then it is fairly easy thing to do. A dual monitor continuous wallpaper is one that is shown partly on both the monitors. The very first thing you have to do when setting such a wallpaper is that you have to use a wallpaper image of special dimensions.

Suppose your monitor supports resolution of 1366×768 widescreen, then you can pick an image with dimensions in 32:9 or 32:10 ratio. It could be a wallpaper image with dimensions 1366×427 pixels or an image of dimensions 2457×768 pixels. In both cases, the ratio of width to height is approximately 32:10.

Here is how you can set a continuous wallpaper on dual monitor configuration:

  1. First of all you need a wallpaper that covers both of your monitors. You can find “dual monitor” wallpapers online on many sites such as When downloading these wallpapers, you should choose to download the Double Width Wallpaper.Set dual monitor wallpaper
  2. After you have downloaded it on your Windows PC, you can set it using two methods – either using the Windows Settings or through an image viewer called IrfanView. You can download IrfanView and install it on your PC from
  3. Open the downloaded wallpaper (step 1) in IrfanView image viewer. From its menubar, select Options, then Set as wallpaper and then Tiled.Set dual monitor wallpaper

When you set a continuous dual monitor wallpaper, left half of the wallpaper is displayed on the first monitor/screen and the right half of the wallpaper is displayed on the second monitor. There is no overlap or repeat of the wallpaper image if you have carefully selected the wallpaper image. If you pick a desktop background with slightly shorter dimensions, then you might see that the desktop background is being repeated in the second monitor near the end.