Epic Games Store Giveaway – Submerged: Hidden Depths

Epic Games store is giving away another game this week called Submerged: Hidden Depths. In this game, you can take a boat to anywhere you want in the remaining ruins of a sunken world.

We all hear and read about the dangers that lay ahead for all of us if the icebergs and peaks of the snow clad mountains melt because of the global warming. One of the possible scenarios is that many cities will become submerged under the oceanic water. Some of the cities will completely disappear and others will become inhabitable.

In the game Submerged: Hidden Depths we can take a boat tour of that possible future. In this game, you take two characters – a couple named Miku and Taku, on the unending voyage on a small boat. You can see the sunken skyscrapers, huge cargo ships, factories and shopping malls all turned into ruins under tons of water.

Submerged Hidden Depths

This game has no fights and no monsters. It is just an exploration and adventure game. You can ride the boat, hear the sounds of nature and just relax. And if you start to have a feeling of “all is lost” and “what if I could change it” then you will find a little hope to find that Miku has a secret power that can bring about a change for the positive.

The game requires a powerful gaming PC for it to run smoothly. It comes with audio support for all the major languages from Asian and European countries sch as Japanese, Chinese, English, French, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Turkish etc.

You can claim your free copy of the adventure game Submerged: Hidden Depths by visiting https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/submerged-hidden-depths-6065a1. You can also search for this game on the Epic Games store client and it will be immediately added to the games library for your account.