UltraViewer : Remote Access Software for Windows

When something goes wrong on a Windows PC, sometimes it is very easy to fix and we can fix it ourselves. For example, many problems go away just by restarting your PC. But many other times, the problem is difficult to understand and in those times we need professional help.

For a professional to assist you remotely, you might need a remote connection software through which the professional can access your Windows PC as if he or she is sitting in front of it. There are many remote connection software such as LogMeIn Hamachi, TeamViewer or AnyDesk. And now there is another free remote access software called UltraViewer.

UltraViewer is designed for the professional who want to assist their clients over the internet by making some changes on the system manually. For this they can use UltraViewer and it will allow them to fully access the remote computer.


After a quick setup UltraViewer is ready for your use. This software has to be installed on both the local and the remote computer in order to establish a connection. On the local computer, it shows an ID and password which can be changed by the user. You have to give these details (ID and password) over to the remote user who wishes to access your PC through UltraViewer.

The remote user then enters these details in their copy of the UltraViewer and click on Connect to Partner. This will give them full access to your PC. Their screen will show your computer’s screen and their input devices (keyboard/mouse) will be able to control your PC.

In addition, you can use the integrated chat if required. Not only text messages but also files can be sent via this. Sending files is very useful if you want to send an event log or system report to the computer professional on the other side.

Remote access software, including UltraViewer, should never be installed on your PC without a confirmed request from a verified computer professional when they want to fix something on your PC. Moreover, you should never leave remote access software installed on your PC if it is not being used.

You can download UltraViewer from https://www.ultraviewer.net/en/.