Epic Games Store Giveaway : The Captain

This week Epic Games store is giving away more games for free as usual. One of these games is “The Captain”. It is an indie adventure game that can be played only in the single user mode.

In this game, you are playing the very important life saving role of the captain of a spaceship. Your ship is located on the other side of the galaxy. You are carrying the only object known that can be used to defend the planet Earth from the attack of a deadly enemy.

While the enemy ships are racing towards the planet Earth with warp speed, you are stuck on the diametrically opposite edge of the galaxy. You have you use your brain and work against the time to survive and steer your ship towards your home planet.

During your journey, you will discover many new civilizations. You will make new friends. You will also make many enemies. But with the help of friends you have to defeat the enemies and hurry back home. You will also find new weapons and items to upgrade your ship.

The Captain

In this game, you often find yourself puzzled with questions that have difficult answers. For example, you come across a civilization that is dying because of a brain problem. You can use the brain material to upgrade your spaceship engine and go faster. You can also use the same material to save that dying civilization. Depending on what you decide, the story will unfold new secrets for you.

The game has no special requirements and can be run on any Windows 7 PC with a decent GPU and 4 GB of RAM. you can play this game even inside a virtual machine. For the Mac users, they must have macOS 10.7 or later for the game to run.

You can visit https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/the-captain to claim your free copy of “The Captain” during this giveaway.