Zoom Search : Create Your Own Search Engine

Zoom is a software that can be used to create a Bing like search engine based on the contents of your website, your intranet network or your CD/DVD contents. It can create the database, the HTML/PHP/ASP files and other web files on its own. All you have to do is copy the created files to your web server or to the blank DVD.

Zoom starts with a wizard like user interface. We can follow this wizard to go from one step to the next. In the first step, it asks the purpose of the search engine – for an online site, for intranet, or for DVD. After that you have to select the folder or web address that it is going to spider for the content. It will create a database and the files next.

In the advanced mode, all of these options are available in a tabbed user interface. We can go back and forth to choose the various options. There are various tabs for choosing the folder, the platform (PHP, ASP, CGI, JavaScript etc), the scan mode (spider or offline). We can also choose an output folder where all the search engine files are placed before starting the indexing.

Zoom Search

For the advanced users, it also offers special features like authentication and limits. We can customize the search engine results and change the layout too. By default, it indexes only text files. If you want it to index images or other binary files, then you have to specify those extensions to be indexed too.

Zoom Search

The search engine works lawlessly on any web browser. We tested it on a Windows 11 PC using Chrome browser. It indexed one of the folders and we could find the indexed files when we searched for them in the search engine. The JavaScript based search engine ran very well on the local PC.

You can download Zoom Search Engine from https://www.zoomsearchengine.com/zoom/.