FlyClock : Auto-Timer for PDF and PPT Presentations

When you are giving a presentation at your workplace or at school, you are going to use either PDF documents or Microsoft PowerPoint. In both cases, you can time limit your speech per slide and you speak about the slide being shown on the screen. For example, if you have 5 slides in the presentation and you are given 10 minutes to speak, then you can decide to speak 2 minutes per slide.

You can look at your wrist watch for time, but a better way is to have an on-screen timer like FlyClock. This timer automatically starts when you start a PowerPoint presentation or when you view a PDF in the presentation mode. By default the countdown timer is set to finish 8 minutes in total, but we can configure it to have any number of minutes.

After installing FlyClock, you can launch it and then start the presentation. For the PDF presentation, you can use any PDF viewer that supports it such as Foxit PDF Reader, Adobe Acrobat, PDF X-Change Reader, Sumatra PDF etc. For the PowerPoint presentation, you can use Microsoft PowerPoint or LibreOffice.


As you as you start the presentation, the FlyClock starts countdown timer. You can drag it around anywhere on the screen and change its position. The program can be manually controlled using any standard mouse. But it also offer remote access through a URL.

This URL is displayed on your computer screen when you click on the “Remote Control” button in the FlyClock window. It also shows a QR code which contains the same URL. We can scan this QR code using our mobile phone and then control the FlyClock through our mobile phones. But for this to work both the computer on which FlyClock us running and the mobile phone should be connected to the same WiFi network.


FlyClock is very productive and time-saving utility for all the people who wish to have more control on how much time they spend on display the presentations.

You can download FlyClock from