PDF Text Deleter : Remove Unwanted Text from PDF

Imagine that after spending hours and carefully preparing a PDF file for your boss, you are ordered to make changes to the PDF file and remove certain text from it. What would you do?  Will you start all over again or will you use a software like PDF Text Deleter to remove the unwanted text from it in a jiffy? I would personally choose the second method.

PDF Text Deleter is a Windows application that can edit the existing PDF files and lets you remove the unwanted text from it. It can be used to remove text strings from a number of PDF files at once. We can also use it to remove many text strings from a single PDF file. And we can also combine these operations to remove multiple text strings from multiple PDF files in a combined batch operation.

The user interface of the PDF Text Deleter is very straightforward. There is no confusion when using it. Even a complete novice can start using PDF Text Deleter in just a few seconds. We begin by adding PDF files to the list. We can also add all the PDF files located inside a folder.

PDF Text Deleter

After adding the PDF files, we have to enter all the text strings that is to be removed from the PDF under the “Text to Delete” list. We can choose to match the case, auto fix the page size after removing the text, process only a number of selected pages from the PDF files and more. We can start removing the text by clicking on the “Start Now!” button.

All things considered, PDF Text Deleter is a really useful utility for fixing the mistakes made when creating a PDF file. It has a search and destroy operation that can handle all versions of PDF specifications. By using the compatible mode, it can produce nice looking PDF files even for complex coded PDF files.

You can download PDF Text Deleter from https://www.pdferaser.net/pdf-text-deleter.html.